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Military News

Chief of Staff at the time, was there, too. Six months later, the rifle, after spending 72 years overseas, was brought to the United States. When construction is completed, Farrell said there will be a dedication ceremony and the rifle will be placed in the museum.

He died to make others free — there is no higher honor. He wrote his name on butt of the rifle the day before the invasion.

He must be smiling from Paratroopers Heaven. It took Farrell a year or so to finish the book after returning from France. From stories passed down through the family, Farrell said Teahan could play the guitar, dance and sing. He sounds good, too. Remember Kitty, the woman whose name is on the rifle?

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Normandy landings

Farrell said a family reached out to him after a story he wrote about his uncle appeared in a publication in Nottingham, England. The family thought Kitty may have been their mother. The Army transferred service members to other units, as integration in the military began.

On September 6, , the oldest living Buffalo Soldier died. Mark Matthews lived to be years old.

Veterans Day Tribute & Soldiers Coming Home Compilation - Grab a Tissue!

For his dedicated services, he was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Visit Buffalo Soldier monuments across the country. Read about their history and sacrifices. Post on social media using BuffaloSoldiersDay to encourage others to pay tribute to these heroes.

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With that capability, it wouldn't have to think about the mechanics of running or avoiding an obstacle in its path any more than a human does. Digital maps of the terrain the robot will operate on, along with specially identified objects, are stored in internal controllers that guide the dog's thinking, said Geoffrey Slipher, chief of the Autonomous Systems Division. If the map doesn't have objects identified, operators could tell LLAMA to go to a specific map position.

You normally will flail out your arms and try to grab for railings to save yourself, so you don't damage a limb," he said. How do you kind of instill these inherent fundamental ideas into the robot is what we are trying to research. Despite the progress, it's still uncertain if the LLAMA, in its current form, will one day work with soldiers since the research effort is scheduled to end in December. News Headlines.