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Jeremy Usborne: I'm not giving up that easily. Faint heart never won fair maid. Mark Corrigan: Right. The epigram that starts the stalker's manifesto. Robert Webb and David Mitchell in "Gym. Share Flipboard Email. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. Updated August 07, That is their tragedy.

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No man does. That's his. NYU Press, "Audiences are always better pleased with a smart retort, some joke or epigram , than with any amount of reasoning. A dwarfish whole, its body brevity, and wit its soul. Tell me who you spend time with, Goethe said , and I will tell you who you are. Tell me what you pay attention to, Gasset was saying, and I can tell you the same thing.

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Remember that the next time you feel your finger itching to pull up your Facebook feed. You can always get up after you fall, but remember, what has been said can never be unsaid. Especially cruel and hurtful things. Lands can be reconquered, indeed in the course of a battle, a hill or a certain plain might trade hands several times. But missed opportunities? These can never be regained. Moments in time, in culture? They can never be re-made. One can never go back in time to prepare for what they should have prepared for, no one can ever get back critical seconds that were wasted out of fear or ego.

Napoleon was brilliant at trading space for time: Sure, you can make these moves, provided you are giving me the time I need to drill my troops, or move them to where I want them to be.

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Yet in life, most of us are terrible at this. We trade an hour of our life here or afternoon there like it can be bought back with the few dollars we were paid for it. And it is only much much later, as they are on their deathbeds or when they are looking back on what might have been, that many people realize the awful truth of this quote.

Embrace it now.

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The co-worker with a nice car? It could be a dangerous and unsafe salvage with , miles. The friend who always seems to be traveling to far off places?

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They could be up to their eyeballs in credit card debt and about to get fired by their boss. It could be a nightmare, a complete lie. People do a very good job pretending at things, and their well-maintained fronts are often covers for incredible risk and irresponsibility. You never know, Warren Buffett was saying, until things get bad. See the high flying lives of others as a cautionary tale—like Icarus with his wings—and not as an inspiration or a source of insecurity. Because the tide will go out. Prepare for it! Premeditatio Malorum. For starters because the only person you control is yourself.

The other reason is you have no idea what other people are going or have been through. That person who seemed to rudely decline the invitation you so kindly offered?

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The point is: You have no idea. So give people the benefit of the doubt.

Look for good in them, assume good in them, and let that good inspire your own actions. Remember: we are all equals in death. It makes quick work of all of us, big and small. I carry a coin in my pocket to remember this: Memento Mori. What Juvenal reminds us is the same thing that Shakespeare spoke about in Hamlet:. You have plenty of problems to deal with in your own life. Chances are your own flaws are probably worse—and in any case, they are at least in your control.

So do something about them. In real life, Kutuzov gave Napoleon a painful lesson in the truth of the epigram over a long winter in Russia in Because at some point, we must put articles like this one aside and take action.

No one can blow our nose for us. The right choices and decisions are. Who knows how much time you have left, or what awaits us tomorrow? So get to it. Ryan Holiday is a bestselling author whose books like The Obstacle is the Way and The Daily Stoic have sold more than one million copies worldwide.

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