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You might say, "He has all the right stuff". He has learned so much about life, not only through his family and upbringing, but also throughout his years of playing football and having team spirit, plus a desire to be a winner. One of my favorite parts of this book is where Smith reveals his "attitude enhancers": humility, empathy, and gratitude.

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I found this to be a wonderfully powerful read, which I was not expecting. I am not a great football fan, and much of Smith's story describes stories on and off the field, but he shows how to apply the same lessons in dealing with everyday life. Quite refreshing, when in this day and age we hear so much negativity about pro athletes committing crimes, abusing drugs and such; Emmitt Smith proves that there are humble, caring athletes with good values and a spirit of giving back, that which has been given to them.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. In this book Joyce breaks down feelings, step by step, in explaining where they come from and how they can affect us. In part one, she discusses emotions, where they come from, why we are emotional beings, how we get stuck, and behaviors.

She identifies the four main personality types and how they influence us.

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In part two of the book, she talks about anger,guilt,resentment,depression, and other emotions that can give us trouble. Using biblical text, she shows us how God does have all the answers, if we just ask for His help, be willing to listen, and apply techniques that will help us overcome negative thinking, to be proactive and change our thoughts, which can change our feelings.

This book is written well, and is an easy read, and easy to understand. The Bible verses presented throughout the chapters provide the knowledge and proof that the answers are available to all. Each chapter is concluded with a positive statement that one can use as positive self-talk or prayer. This is a book that one can pick up again and again to revisit any chapters that may be relevant to their particular need. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. After each day's reading, there is blank space for one's thoughts, meditations, or for journaling.

It is an easy read, not too deep, but thought provoking and encouraging. It is written in a cohesive way, for instance, beginning with an opening prayer, and a quick guide on how to use the book. Each day's topic has a different theme, yet are all connected in some way. For example, day one, entitled, "in the beginning" quotes from the book of Genesis and the passages continue on this way.

I like how each day has a different topic, making this a good book to go to at any time if you are struggling with an issue, you can easily go to the table of contents and pick with topic fits for you and re-read it. I say re-read, as I would recommend reading it through entirely the first time. Some topics include: Living our purpose, first things first, stress free, anger and patience, the perfect plan, hopes and dreams, and much, much more.

This is a great book for anyone.

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An inspiration and guide on life's journey. I received this book in return for my honest review from BookSneeze. The authors shares with us, the readers, interesting conversations with friends, quaint times in the pubs, and holiday traditions, and English traditions also. We get an inside look at the author's feelings about men, and religion from visions of her childhood and upbringing.

She asks many questions about God and faith; and most conversations are with a Christian male friend, who interestingly becomes a major character in this book. I must admit, that this is a rather long book. I was weary that I would be able to complete pages of the reading. Written with much literary prose, you can tell right away that the author studied literature as her major, and became a professor of literature as well. There is much use of excerpts from literary masters. I found the writing to be structured much like a textbook.

It was a bit dry for my tastes. There were a couple of times where the story became boring, too long and drawn out for me as a reader, but for someone with a background in literature may well enjoy this far more that I did. If you can get through to the end, the finale is a happy one. I have received this book from BookSneeze.

Motivational book by Football great Emmitt Smith. He really did a good job with this book, while throwing in his achievements Favorite Quotes: "If you put your heart into it as well as your mind and body, I believe you will have a championship-caliber life. Step 1. Envision what you want, and then dream of the best possible life. Step 2. Turn your dreams into goals, and pursue your highest possible purpose as Motivational book by Football great Emmitt Smith.

Turn your dreams into goals, and pursue your highest possible purpose as defined by God's gifts within you. Step 3. Build a strong moral character base on your own values and principles. Step 4. Pursue your dreams and highest purpose with unrelenting commitment and unfailing consistency.

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Step 5. Be courageous even when faced with the worst of your fears and the greatest of challenges. Step 6. Seize and create opportunities that match up with your long-term goals and principles. Step 7. Build a championship team of supporters, role models, and mentors. Step 8. Maintain a winning attitude even during setbacks and defeats. Step 9. Make wise decisions, and reduce risk to keep yourself on track. Step Return God's favor with your heart open to him and your hand open to your fellow human beings.

Having vision means picturing in your mind what it will be like and how you will achieve it and build upon it. Dreaming means 'rehearsing' what you see, playing it over and over in your mind until it becomes as real to you as your life right now. The two go together.

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Vision gets the dreams started. Dreaming employs your God-given imagination to reinforce the vision. My point is that what lies around you does not have to live within you. How you begin life is not nearly as important as how you end up. Our success on this earththe happiness we achieve, the fulfillment we find, the relationships we buildall are the result of the choices we make every minute and every hour and every day in your lives. Aug 28, Louise Pearson rated it it was amazing.

Somehow our brain has the ability to see beyond the current reality to a future time when that dream will be realized. Maybe you have a sixth sense or an inner feeling and are ready to trust God to help you achieve that dream. Because God loves us, He sometimes gifts us with a vision of what our future will bring and we have to hold on purposefully and passionately to that vision. We have to trust God, claim the dream, and wait expectantly. Often in retrospect we can see the hand of God! Emmitt even felt God carrying him when things got rough. If we allow our dreams to die, everyone will suffer.

We may have to arise above immediate circumstances or seek light for our path to keep moving toward our goal. While dreams may motivate you, trusting God will keep you on the right path. Only you can take responsibility for your success. Just dreaming though is not enough. You must follow through on a plan to achieve your dream goal.

Learning to set goals and record them is important in planning your legacy. Your character with excellence etched in it is important too, for it will be tested.

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Emmitt even had a wake-up call not to drink and drive. And yes, he faced challenges including being badly hurt in an important game that needed him to continue playing despite the pain. Afterwards he was told he had played the gutsiest performance ever. This is a terrific book about one terrific Hall of Fame football running back.

If you or someone you love also loves football or just needs encouragement to follow a dream, this book is for you or them. Oct 01, Andrew rated it it was amazing.

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