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Now if you have never discipled anyone, is it really possible you could do this? What are the practical things you need to know?

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Today you will find out on this special edition of The John Ankerberg Show. Ankerberg: Welcome to our program. Jesus has a plan for us reaching the world.

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Over four and a half billion of those people do not know our Lord. Now, I want to give you information that will encourage you to try it. And, yet, puts as a priority to disciple individuals. And we both started out as lay people, just obeying Jesus Christ, and following this.

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Now Robby, take us back to how somebody invited you, the first time around, into a relationship, and how it began, and then how you branched out and you decided to do this for yourself. Gallaty: Yeah. I think you made a great point. I was radically saved from a life of addiction. I had an addiction to heroin and cocaine in the world. I got into a bad car accident that led me to an addiction to drugs.

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And for three years, I battled with this addiction: robbed my own father. I lived homeless for awhile, and really had nowhere to turn. And after getting to the lowest of the low, after two rehab treatments, I finally cried out to the Lord. November 12, , just seven and a half years ago, I was radically saved. At that point, John, I had never read the Bible.

I had rarely been to church at that point in my life.

I had no desire for the Lord before that. But God began to work in my life. But for the next six months, I wandered. And this man by the name of David came into my life. And for the next six months, he taught me some of the basics of the faith. And then when he moved on and got busy with church and traveling, a man by the name of Tim LeFleur came into my life.

And Tim began to invest in me. And from that time those two men have been instrumental in my life. And they have been really instrumental in my life. Ankerberg: Alright. I remember, Robby, when I first started doing this, and I had chosen to disciple some folks that were pretty well along in their Christian life.

I thought they were pretty good Christians. And as we were kind of cruising along, reading the Bible, and we were talking about certain things, and we were praying together, that somewhere along the line, all of a sudden, they stopped me cold with certain questions. I mean, at first I was shocked that they had some sins in their life. And they were really struggling with those sins. One of the things, first of all, we have to remember is, age does not equal maturity.

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Ankerberg: Exactly. And you talk about polar opposites. But these two guys, I started at the beginning. And what I start with is salvation. We were talking about assurance of salvation; we were talking about some of the doctrines of the faith. And you do it and you roll on.

These are the things that plague real people. I can remember the first time a fellow came up to me, that I was discipling, and told me about some personal sexual sin in his life.

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You just say, these are things that plague real people. And they are things that Jesus can help them with. He can forgive their sins and He can give them victory over this area. But that of course is what you get when you slither down the slide of linguistic history and But that of course is what you get when you slither down the slide of linguistic history and find yourself sitting on the 21st century mat at the bottom. Mystery is a word with a serious and complex heritage, and so a word that opens doors — doors, it turns out, into both light and darkness.

The more our understanding advances, the more astonishing it all seems. From the beginnig of the world in a Big Bang of explosive energy, down to the dancing strings now thought to inhabit the inner particles of the atom, the answers of From the beginnig of the world in a Big Bang of explosive energy, down to the dancing strings now thought to inhabit the inner particles of the atom, the answers of science increasingly serve to highlight the questions of faith The Christian Leader.

How can leaders keep faithful and keep growing? Alison Morgan offers five questions for leaders to ask themselves. Exile is about alienation and reconciliation. Exile tells us that God is creating a home for His people. So let us not be in too much of a hurry to find a home.

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As Christians we are meant to be exiles; we are citizens of heaven and not of As Christians we are meant to be exiles; we are citizens of heaven and not of the places on earth in which we find ourselves living. Published in ReSource, Issue 17, Spring Stages of faith in our journey to God. One moves ahead or one is not with God.

God knows the whole way; we only know the next step and the final goal. There is no stopping; every day, every hour There is no stopping; every day, every hour it goes farther. Whoever sets his foot on this way finds that his life has become a journey on the road.

It leads through green pastures and through the dark valley, but the Lord will always lead on the right pathway. Some identified distinct stages in our life of faith, from our first recognition of God to our final preparation to meet him face to face; and more recently the insights gained through the study of human development and psychology have been used to describe those stages in more detail. One thing is certain: to place our faith in God is not simply to embrace a particular set of beliefs which we then hold for the rest of our lives.

Faith is like anything else — as we grow and learn and change, so does our faith; for it is part of who we are. Perhaps faith is like a painting — a painting which we create afresh at each stage of our life, a painting which moves from the bright simplicity of childhood, through the clarity of an adult landscape and eventually to the open-edged impressionism of maturity.

The child's painting is as valid and truthful as that of the artist in old age — but different. The way in which we engage with reality changes as we ourselves change. How then do we paint our faith as we move from one stage of life to another — and how good are we at accepting and encouraging the paintings of others who may be at different stages from us? Out of years of development, we offer a core discipleship course in 2-Parts: The EH Spirituality Course to deeply change your relationship with God, and The EH Relationships Course to deeply change your relationships with others.

Over the last 21 years, The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship is a strategy for discipleship that is proven to change lives not just on the surface, but deeply. People in your church begin working out conflicts and grow in unity. And ultimately, your church makes a greater impact in the world for Christ. Download the first chapter and watch the accompanying video on demand of the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Workbook. The answer in one word is quality. We found, however, that people only did part of the Courses e. While this approach introduced people to some new ideas about Jesus and discipleship, it was not transformational.

Moving it to a Course has proven to bear enormous long-term fruit around the world. Remember, small groups are critically important to church life, but their purposes are connection, pastoral care, and light discipleship depending on the leader. The EH Discipleship Course is meant to equip people in a discipleship that deeply changes lives. That requires time, commitment, and trained leaders. Review the content in the Kit b. Begin reading the book — Emotionally Healthy Spirituality c.

Attend a Live Training on leading the Course in your church and experience a Course session with Pete. I notice The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship sessions are 2 hours long.