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Much of the material in the book was also reproduced with permission from officially approved by Ian Fleming Publications. The book has also been referred to—and referenced by—a number of the mainstream Bond fan sites, such as MI6-HQ. Whilst WP:SPS is a good rule of thumb to keep out blogs and tweets, Griswold's work falls outside such ephemeral nonsense and the section deserves to remain.

If Griswold's book should be exempted from the wikipedia policy on self-published sources, the case should be argued at WP:Reliable sources noticeboard. Opera hat talk , 8 June UTC. Just to confirm the edit summaries, this material went through both a peer review process in December and then the FL process in January and a subsequent Good Topic process in April At no point was it questioned, or was it suggested that it should be removed. IF they find differently then so be it. As to your above posting, I am afraid I will not "edit somewhere else" simply because of your approach. My issue is that the table as it now stands is a total crock: the formatting is a mess and as you're the one who has made it a total mess I don't see why I should spend time clearing it up.

Secondly, the dates are such an aberration it's untrue November to January 1??? What on gods green earth is that supposed to mean? The publication dates also utterly superfluous — they are covered elsewhere and are not connected to the chronology.

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Don't panic ; a discussion will now take place over on Commons about whether to remove the file. This gives you an opportunity to contest the deletion, although please review Commons guidelines before doing so. To take part in any discussion, or to review a more detailed deletion rationale please visit the relevant image page File:Ian Fleming signature.

I'm sure that one of the Bond novels or short stories was left unfinished at Fleming's death, and it was completed by Ann Fleming, with the publisher challenging the reader to spot the join.

Anyone remember this? Valetude talk , 28 November UTC. I have, for the second time, had to remove a number of additions to the list.

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These are not officially recognised Bond works, and were not licenced by Ian Fleming Publications. The list we currently have on this page covers official works only, not fan fiction or ephemera. I reverted this from a long time ago. Italics is for works, not characters. I just noticed the problem in tomorrow's Today's Featured Article.

I agree with Dank. The difference here is that cases such as List of Star Wars books and Twilight series are based on existing works that feature the italicised words as the title i. This will be hitting the Main Page in about 11 hours. Can we keep the discussion centralised, please?

The Oldest Bride in Fiddly Falls (Fiddly Falls, book 2) by Brenda Coulter

Hi Dan, could you put the italics back in please: it refers to a series, and so the italics are correct. Could you please change back the italics in the blurb to match the article title, and the use of the novel series name, and franchise name. The use of italics partly acts as an easy way of disambiguation the unitalicised character from the italicised series. Italic type text like this should be used for the following types of names and titles , or abbreviations thereof:.

Use italics when italics would be used in running text ; for example, taxonomic names , the names of ships, the titles of books, films, and other creative works , and foreign phrases are italicized both in ordinary text and in article titles.

The Oldest Bride in Fiddly Falls

There is no "official" title—it might just as easily be called the "" series, for example—so there is no title to italicise. The common name for the series, "James Bond", is chosen for convenience, but this does not make it "official" and does not warrant italics. It isn't. Except it is the name given by Ian Fleming Publications — the rights holders and licensees of the Bond name.

They are the official source. MoS titles refers to the use of italics for "Books, multi-volume works e. To a large extent a book series is a "multi-volume work", which is why a large number of novel series are italicised. It is not possible to say 'oh, those are OK to be italicised, but not the Bond series'; that's just illogical and unjustifiable. As it seems there has been some confusion over the issues here, I thought it would be prudent to clarify. Names are often used as article titles — such as the name of the person, place or thing that is the subject of the article. However, some topics have multiple names, and this can cause disputes as to which name should be used in the article's title.

Wikipedia does not necessarily use the subject's "official" name as an article title; it prefers to use the name that is most frequently used to refer to the subject in English-language reliable sources. Use italics when italics would be used in running text ; for example, taxonomic names , the names of ships, the titles of books, films, and other creative works, and foreign phrases are italicized both in ordinary text and in article titles. Italic type text like this should be used for the following types of names and titles, or abbreviations thereof:. The question is whether this should apply to List of James Bond novels and short stories , since "James Bond" is not actually the title of any novel or film associated with the series, but is the name of the central character.

It is my view that "James Bond" is not a title of the series, although the books and films might often be referred to by reference to the character's name. Different sources use whatever name is the most convenient, but as far as I can tell there is no unequivocal, definitive title as there is for Twilight , The Hunger Games , Star Wars and Three Colors. If you disagree, could you please clarify which aspect of this analysis you disagree with? We have on Wikipedia two formats to show the names of a book series: italicised and normal. As far as I can see, italics are used for the actual title of the cycle of novels.

It's referred to as such by Ian Fleming Publications , the rights holders to the literary estate. I went through my hard copy sources at home last night; the series title "James Bond" is explicitly referred to as such by the following publications, three of which are also IFP approved reference books. You should note that a number of these are academic books:. This puts the name "James Bond" as the official series name, and therefore something that should be italicised. I do not intend spending much more time on this incredibly minor point: too much time has already been wasted both on and offline on this.

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If you are relying on this in your reasoning, then it appears that we have a fundamental disagreement about the application of this guideline to begin with. In any case, if the various sources you mention do not italicise the words "James Bond" when referring to the series whereas the convention is to italicise the titles of works , this would support the view that "James Bond" is not a title of the series, although it is a common but not universal referrent—so Pburka's question whether those sources italicise it is relevant.

I note, for example, that the first book you reference, Ian Fleming's James Bond: Annotations and Chronologies for Ian Fleming's Bond Stories , uses underscores in place of italics for titles of books, thus:. However, "James Bond" is not similarly marked as a title, even when followed by the word "novels" in reference to the series:. I don't think it's true then to say that "James Bond" is regarded as a title of the series as much as it serves as a descriptor for the novels and films featuring the character of that name.

I try to stay as neutral as I can on questions like this one, for many reasons For the rest of the discussion, please ignore my input above, if possible. We'll probably have another James Bond or James Bond book hitting the Main Page by the end of the year, and possibly much sooner. I think conciseness would benefit some of the arguments above, particularly for people who are trying to get up to speed on the arguments, so I'd like to invite people to offer a summary of their points in some new thread at WT:TFAC if you're interested in the more limited question of what styling we should use the next time this hits the Main Page.

Are people relatively happy with leaving the styling alone in this article and others until everyone has had a chance to have their say? I need two weeks myself before I can give the discussion the attention it deserves. Nor does any preponderance of off-WP sources, whether you consider style guides or actual observed usage, both of which are wildly inconsistent.

WP has elected not to be. PS: A franchise in the media sense used here is simply a trademark that happens to apply to some published works in one medium or another often several. We don't italicize trademarks as such. Edit summaries of "Reading comprehension problems?

This is about books, and if you waste people's time bleating on about films, then yes, people are going to ask why you are moving the conversation further away from anything helpful. Could someone place this novel in the list on the website here. Here's a link to a website where this novel is mentioned: www. Shouldn't the Moneypenny novels be included? As I understand it Bond appears in them. I have just modified 2 external links on List of James Bond novels and short stories.

Published: February 8, She might be as old as the hills, but she's not dead.

Living it Up in Fiddly Falls: A Short Story

Folksy and fun, this 7,word short story is a quick read featuring Christian themes and a touch of romance. Download it now to enjoy during your next coffee break or at bedtime. Goes great with cookies! Download includes bonus content. Words: 97, Published: May 30, Rock star Jackson Bell has just given his heart to God.

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