Guide Vive le Vegan!: Simple, Delectable Recipes for the Everyday Vegan Family

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Shopping Special: Virgin Vegan Everyday Recipes: For Satisfying Your Appetite

Dreena Burton. Vegan food has come a long way in the past decade. The once ubiquitous dry, packaged veggie burger is no longer the poster child for an animal-free diet. Long at the fore of vegan blogging and cooking, Dreena Burton has been known for making healthy taste delicious.

As the mother of three young girls, Burton always keeps their nutrition--and taste buds--in mind. Neal Barnard.

Vive le Vegan!: Simple, Delectable recipes for the everyday vegan family

Written by Dr. Climate scientists have calculated that we can reduce our carbon footprint more by eliminating beef from our diets than by giving up our cars. And moving away from industrialized meat saves millions of animals from living in cruel conditions before being slaughtered. Whatever your reason for considering or continuing a plant-based diet, good recipes can make everything more delicious!

While you can surely find plant-based recipes on the Internet, investing in a few good plant-based cookbooks can really set you up for success. Cookbooks are a great resource for finding real, kitchen-tested recipes that are healthy and delicious. Many of them include suggestions for pantry staples to have on hand, plant-based substitutions for dairy-based ingredients, or where to find specific ingredients you may be unfamiliar with.

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  • Vive le Vegan!: Simple, Delectable Recipes for the Everyday Vegan Family by Dreena Burton.
  • Why Use Plant-Based Cookbooks??

You might also find suggestions for cooking tools or where to source ingredients. But as plant-based diets continue to rise in popularity, so do the number of cookbooks to choose from.

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They will help put you on the fast track to health — and make a positive contribution to animals and the environment, too. Having a good cookbook on hand can mean the difference between putting a healthy, nutritious plant-based meal on the table.

10 of the Best Plant-Based Cookbooks to Put You on the Fast Track to Health

Or settling for fast or processed foods. Set yourself up for success with some of the best plant-based cookbooks around. Here are some Food Revolution favorites.


Want to shed a few pounds, or just want to enhance your nutrition? Essentially, it focuses on preparing nutrient-dense, plant-powered meals rather than counting calories. Aside from containing quick and easy to prepare recipes, as the title of the cookbook suggests, each recipe packs in a hefty dose of micronutrients. This allows you to get the nutrition your body needs. With a section on cooking techniques and tips to save you time in the kitchen, full-color recipe photos, and an organized table of contents, Dr.

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Diabetes is a public health issue of epic , international proportions. But one doctor, in particular, has made it his mission to put a stop to the diabetes epidemic. Food Revolution Summit speaker, Dr.

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  6. Neal Barnard, serves up a plant-powered helping of hope for diabetes patients in the companion cookbook to his bestseller, Dr. Using science-baked research and his own experience working with patients, Dr. Barnard sheds light on the frequently misunderstood link between food and diabetes.

    Read Vive Le Vegan!: Simple, Delectable Recipes For The Everyday Vegan Family

    When the documentary Forks Over Knives came out in , it inspired a whole new generation to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet. The film features supporting research from Food Revolution Summit speakers T. And it shows how eating more plants, and less processed food and animal products, can help fight chronic disease. The cookbook guides you through following a plant-based diet year-round.

    This includes meal prepping, reading nutrition labels, and information about ingredients you may be unfamiliar with and where to find them.

    see url Blogger Toni Okamoto of Plant-Based on a Budget guides you through her journey of becoming a vegan while living paycheck to paycheck. Based on personal experience, she provides valuable advice for living plant-based on a budget. Best of all, any of these whole food, plant-based recipes can be on the table in under 30 minutes.